Artist's Statement:

I’ve been an artist for most of my life. What I’ve come up with so far is that it gives me a lot of satisfaction to create beauty in any form, and that it has the potential to make other people happy too, which is about as good as it gets in this world. I try to pack as much meaning and beauty into my work as I can. I am for individuality, for meaning, for purpose, for the experience of something sacred and universal. For that reason, I’ve felt an increasing pull toward working for art that is designed for the public, so that it can serve a larger audience. It’s hard to generalize, because I do a lot of different things, but some common themes emerge. I’m very intrigued by reflective and translucent surfaces, so those are things that make their way into my work a lot. I’m endlessly curious, and I’m sure that is reflected in my art. I use a lot of imagery that seems meaningful to me, in some dream-like fashion, and layer that with texts of all different kinds – Braille, music, diagrams, what-have-you - that add a level of content and contribute visual texture.  I feel that the word “artist” defines me better than “painter” or “sculptor” or “draftsman.” Although all those media are things I work with, I see the art as occurring primarily in the realm of ideas rather than materials.

The ideas within my work are offered in the spirit of fascination and play, and in an effort toward beauty.

I hope you’ll feel welcome and invited to my studio in that spirit.